Solicitor: 2000
Year of call: 2005
Year of silk: 

Jeff practises in all areas of contentious and non-contentious private client and succession matters. He has a large advisory practice, advising in relation to the validity, interpretation, rectification and administration of wills and trusts, the duties of personal representatives and trustees, claims of breach of duty against personal representatives, trustees, attorneys and other fiduciaries, family provision applications, superannuation, charities, and related professional negligence. Many of the matters in which he has acted involve large estates with assets in Australia and around the world.

He has appeared in a range of matters, including solemn form probate proceedings, lost and informal will applications, statutory will applications, applications relating to the interpretation, rectification and administration of wills, estates and trusts, applications by personal representatives and trustees for judicial advice and directions, Beddoe applications, compensation applications and other proceedings under the Powers of Attorney Act, guardianship and administration matters, charity proceedings, family provision applications, and equity claims seeking to set aside transactions on the grounds of undue influence or unconscionable conduct.

Among the firms who brief him regularly, Jeff has a reputation for attention to detail, thorough research and preparation, comprehensive written advice and submissions and considered advocacy.

Jeff frequently appears at mediations and acts as mediator.

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