Chancery is a specialist group of Brisbane barristers.  Each of its members specialises in succession, equity and trusts, and private client law.  Led by respected silks, Douglas Murphy KCDarlene Skennar KC and Jeff Otto KC, the group boasts senior juniors, Robert WhitefordLee NevisonAndrew Fraser and Ilan Klevansky and junior, Leonid Sheptooha, all of whom are recognised in Doyle’s Guide.

Chancery’s barristers recognises the importance of mediation in the practice of succession, equity and trusts, and private client law: four of its members are mediators of choice in the field – Douglas Murphy KC, Lee Nevision and Andrew Fraser are Nationally Accredited Mediators, and Darlene Skennar KC is approved as a mediator by the Supreme Court of Queensland.  All of our barristers frequently appear as mediation advocates.

Our barristers joined to form virtual chambers because of their mutual respect for each other’s skill, experience and reputation as specialist advocates, advisers and mediators in succession, equity and trusts, and private client law. 

We have the depth of experience to handle any contentious or advisory matter in succession, equity and trusts, and private client law.  If your first choice of barrister is unavailable for any reason, or if you are uncertain which of our barristers to brief, you will be referred to a barrister within the group who can be confidently relied on to provide the specialist advocacy and advice your matter requires.

Chancery is a virtual group of barristers.  Our members have their chambers in three locations in Brisbane – Santos Place, Inns of Court and 239 George Street.  

How to Brief

Our barristers accept instructions from solicitors in private or public practice, and registered trustee companies.  We do not usually accept direct access briefs. Our barristers are always willing to discuss their briefing policy, including disclosure as to fees, timing of engagement and the contents of the brief. 

Six of Chancery’s barristers are listed in Doyle’s Guide as Leading Wills & Estates Barristers.  Bringing our barristers together as a virtual group ensures that your brief will receive the specialist advocacy and advice it requires.

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